Campaign Tactics

Multi-Channel Tactics For Today’s Fundraising

With donor gift frequency and upgrading as the objective, non-profits choose Magnet Direct because of our ability to integrate with all your fundraising initiatives. Whether you are managing an existing program or are interested in leveraging new data and ongoing analytics into new channels, we can get it done. We understand integrated fundraising. We can help you assess, plan, develop and deploy annual and ad-hoc direct mail, email and SMS text for your selected audiences. Emergency asks, special events, social promotion or capital campaigns. No problem.


Empowering the nonprofit community.

Our marketing philosophy is premised upon the fact that direct mail fundraising remains the most cost-effective method for soliciting a broad base of donor support for nonprofit organizations. This is true because direct mail provides your organization with an opportunity to effectively communicate both your mission and your ask in a manner that will generate measurable – if not a predictable return on investment (ROI).

HTML Email

Addressing contact trends online and in mobile.

At Magnet Direct, we are especially adept at integrating E-mail and other online fundraising disciplines into your offline direct marketing strategies.

By integrating the strategic use of E-mail, you can cost-effectively communicate with donors and members at home or on their mobile devices — and positively affect their behavior to support your organization.

Most importantly, we always work to ensure your online and offline efforts complement each other to maximize your ultimate fundraising objectives.


Worldwide fundraising.

Through consistent and proven methodologies over the Web, Magnet Direct is able to take your organization global.

For worldwide reach and 24×7 accessibility, the Web has no match, and it is a smart addition to many fundraising and membership programs. Campaign micro sites and PURLS are effective tactics for online and DM print integration.

We pledge to work with you to develop a Web strategy that enhances and advances your ultimate goals — all while complementing your offline efforts.

Social Networking

By the people, for the people. Twitter©. Facebook©. Blogs. Forums.

Social Networking has proven to be a powerful way for involved people to share their views on a variety of issues concerning the nonprofit community. Given the popularity of these channels, both nonprofit and membership organizations are seeing the value in adding a social networking plan to their existing programs. We’ll work with you to give your organization a presence in an online world created by the people, for the people — all while complementing your traditional offline direct marketing efforts.