Strategic Advantage

We Continuously Create Exceptional Results

Marketing intelligence par excellence.

For the Magnet Direct professionals who will help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals, comprehensive service is an integral component of every client program. From our Magnet Metrics Data Analyses and Consultative Strategic Direction to our detailed Account Management and impactful Creative Services — you will receive a researched and insightful recommendation that is directly linked to your fundraising goals. You will also find our commitment to working smarter continually pays dividends as your direct marketing program works its way from concept to completion.

Magnet Metrics Data Analyses

Dynamic results analysis.

Careful and complete results analysis of each fundraising program — combined with ongoing donor file audits — has proven to hold the key to future success. At the close of the campaign year, your Magnet team will conduct a complete file audit, with a special emphasis on identifying the dynamic movement within the donor file itself. This End of the Year Report will help you review critical Magnet Metrics such as:


  • Donor Retention Rates by Donor Category
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Donor Upgrade/Downgrade Analysis
  • Long-Term Values of New and Recaptured Donors
  • Recency and Frequency By Giving Levels
  • Accumulated Lifetime Giving Analyses

Consultative Strategic Direction

The questions you have and the answers you need.

Our most valuable service is professional fundraising strategy. You know that to be effective, your creative and file audits should answer a host of key questions such as:

  • Are your appeals articulating your mission effectively?
  • What do donors’ giving patterns say about what THEY like most?
  • Is there room for donors to do even more?
  • Are your appeals written for your donors — or for your board?
  • How do your retention and other trends compare with your peers?
  • Are you retaining enough donors each year?
  • Are you acquiring enough new donors each year?

To answer these questions and more, Magnet Direct will help you perform file and creative audits at regular intervals. The reports we can provide will help you refine and reinvigorate your marketing and creative strategies to help you push the envelope — and maximize results.

Account Management, Client Services

We go to work for your services every day.

When you choose to partner with Magnet Direct, your Account Manager will be your personal advocate tirelessly managing resources in order to meet your campaign objectives. Moreover, your entire Magnet Direct account team is well versed in how to attract loyal donors and members for the long haul. On average, your team members will have more than 10 years of industry experience. And all of it goes to work for you — every day.

Creative Services

Inspired creative – make a connection.

Your donors and members are your lifeblood, and no one knows your constituency like you do. That is why your Account Team works so hard with our Magnet creative professionals to meticulously craft the appeals and messages that will improve your donors and prospects most. Working from a Creative Strategy created for your program, your creative team will develop communication solutions that capture the essence of your organization — and inspire your audience to take action! In this way, your mission message will be at the heart of every program.